Business Mini Workstation (PB50)

This is a high end computer with the following positive aspects/features…

  • High End Processor (4 cores)
  • A good amount of Memory/RAM (16gb) coupled with the speed makes this computer good for picture and video editing.
  • A (500gb) NVMe SSD Drive (Faster than a regular SSD Drive).
  • Built in Wireless High End (AC) Wireless (We recommend not using wireless but it could come in handy).
  • Low profile.  This computer is only 1.3 inches high.  (Put it under your screen on your desk)
  • Has High End USB 3.1 and USB Type-C ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port for High End data Transfer.

You can view the full specifications here.

With this you may want to buy a Mouse, Keyboard and Screen

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This was last updated on 05/06/2020 and the listed price was $820

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