Having reliable eMail services is very important.

For our clients…
We run our own EMail server (with some spam filters) that can handle sending and receiving eMail of large sizes. With these eMail services we support IMAP/POP3 on normal ports and odd ports (for those ISP’s that block ports). We also have a very robust webmail interface to retrieve that mail if need be. We have a simple web interface to control the eMail addresses, passwords, ect.  We believe that our clients should not have to spend much time dealing with EMail issues.  We understand that without EMail a lot of our clients would literally fail.  So we put a very high precedent on making sure our EMail servers stay on line and are reliable.  As well we remote our clients and configure their computers to use the mail services for them.  Our Mail servers also support Smart Phones and Tablets.

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