Our remote access tool will allow us to share your screen and keyboard as if we are sitting with you.  This allows us to instantly solve many of your issues with no service calls as well as tutor you through learning how to do new things like resizing photos etc…   This also has the added benefit of allowing you to see everything we do when working on your computer.  The same tools we use to work on your computer remotely can be used by you to work from home.  Or allow your employees to work from home as well.  If you would like to remote control any of your computers we will not only set that up for you but we will teach you how to use it very quickly.

Our remote control tools use encryption and do not allow direct outside access to your computer…  This means that the only way to your computer is through us.  Unlike other support teams that use LogMeIn or TeamViwer, Our remote system is completely housed in-house and runs on a secured server dedicated to this task.  We regularly rotate our strong passwords for added security.  If you lock your console and share your password with us, that is saved in an encrypted password safe that is OUTSIDE our system.  Our remote software does allow us to access your computer at any time.  We do not access computers without prior permission of the user/client.  If you desire further security we can show you how to lock your console and set it to auto-lock.  Additionally you can shut down our remote software at any time by right clicking on the “DM” icon, that is always visible, and choosing “exit”.  For extra sensitive clients we can leave our remote software off-line until the client runs/enables it through an icon on their desktop.  This means it is always off until the client chooses otherwise.

When we connect the client  is signaled in a number of ways…

A popup from the DM icon in the system tray…
A persistent green dot in the “DM” icon in the tray shows someone is connected….
A banner across the top of the screen..


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