Medium End Business Laptops

All of these are recommended medium speed laptops.. not low speed and night super high end. You can likely save a couple hundred by getting lower speed i3’s.. but they will be slow. I have listed them in order of recommendation.

The laptops that have SSD’s are going to be much faster but the drive is smaller so no picture or video hording. Those with Solid State Drive’s (SSD’s) are tagged with an *. The ones without SSD’s can likely be upgraded to an SSD later for between $80 and $200 (dependent on size of drive).

I like the ASUS brand. I believe the laptop I have linked you to will do very well. I have never purchased an ASUS laptop so there is some risk involved. It is amazon though so if you are not happy can just send it back. I am suggesting you try the ASUS.

I have a few clients that have bought and are happy with the Samsung laptops. My only issue with them is that Microsoft often upgrades the video driver on the back end, and Samsung uses a custom driver. Switching back to the Samsung driver has been problematic for me. Sometimes taking me days or many tries. The side effect to this is that the screen dims to about 50% brightness without the samsung video driver.  That asside Samsung is one of my more preferred brands.

Dell is a very established brand. When the laptops work they work great. when they do not.. They seem to have a lot of the same common issues, such as the mousepad randomly breaking. I suggest you get a dell extended warranty for it if you get a Dell. On-Site is better.. if you have to send it in it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get back. The “gaming” laptop does not have to be used for gaming. It happens to be the most popular with the best ratings.  Mostly though I think Dell is a shit company who has ripped me off more than once.  Be cautious when dealing with them.

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