WiFi Laser Printer with Flatbed Scanner

This printer is much like the inexpensive laser printer found here only it has some added extras for only a few dollars more.  This printer has scanning ability (via glass or document feeder) along with the ability to make copies.  Additionally can attach to a WiFi Router.  We do not recommend using WiFi for printing in business situations.  This printer does NOT support being  networked with a wire.  It only supports WiFi and USB (Wired directly to ONE computer).

The High Speed Laser Printer found here will print about 40% faster but if you plan to make a lot of copies without scanning first, you may find it inconvenient as it does not have a scanner built in.  There is software that will scan from one printer, then print to another that is very easy to use.  If you would like to go that route get the High Speed Printer and the Multi-Function Ink Jet Printer.  The advantage to this is that the inkjet printer can receive faxes directly to the computer as well as scan and print the occasional color document.

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