Wireless Illuminated Keyboard (K800)

Your keyboard and mouse are your primary interface to the computer.  If one of those stop working you are screwed.  You want to have something that works well and is reliable.  It is worth it to invest a few extra dollars in getting the right thing for you.  After spending years looking for the perfect keyboard I finally landed on this one.  Let me list all the things we love about it for you…

  • It is wireless
  • The keys are BACK-LIT!  Just hover your hands over the keyboard and they light up!   It is a very polite but visible glow.  No need to every hunt for keys in a dimly lit room again.  But this is really not the reason this keyboard is worth every penny, read on!
  • No batteries needed, It has built in rechargeable batteries.  Just plug your phone charger or a USB cable (included) into it and it will charge up in a few hours.  I find the majority of tech calls we get with wireless keyboards comes from changing or dead batteries.
  • It uses a very small unified USB dongle for the wireless.  Meaning a tiny USB dongle that easily fits into a laptop (or workstation).  Unified meaning you can pair other (up to 7) Logitech devices to it.  I use this mouse with the keyboard on my laptop on the one dongle.
  • It has an on/off switch on the top that is easy to get to.  I turn my off at night so my pets do not interfere with my computer (Your children?).  Also I find putting the keyboard in a drawer messes with the sensor so turning it off before closing the drawer is necessary.
  • It uses the original standard keyboard layout with the backslash key over the enter key, INS/HOME/PAGEUP in a row original style, and the right shift key is long not short. (see picture)
  • Has easy to hit mute and volume controls over the number pad.
  • The keys are very easy to press for a touch typist while also sturdy.  I have had issues on other keyboards where I wear the keys out because I press them so hard.  This has not happened on this keyboard.
  • The keyboard is very sturdy and super thin.  It is also VERY flat on the bottom.  it fits very well over the keyboard on my laptop.  I prefer to use the keyboard rather then my laptop keyboard.  I also ordered a larger carry case (here) to fit the larger keyboard with the laptop.

Note: On amazon page resulting from the below link you will find a video at the bottom of the preview images that gives a good example of what the keyboard is like. Buy this mouse with the keyboard.

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This was last updated on 05/06/2020 and the listed price was $63

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