Avast AntiVirus Free

Date: March 7, 2012
Size: 85.2 MiB
Times Downloaded: 934
Our preferred virus protection. This runs thin and stops most web viruses by protecting against the security flaws they use instead of trying to stop them once they have infected your computer like other shields.


  Avast Pre-Configuration
» unknown - 0 hits - June 19, 2012
You do not have permission to download this file.
This is a zip file containing the files to put into the Avast application data folder. Before doing so you must turn off the "self defense module" found in "Settings" -> "Trouble Shooting".

Avast Update Exclude List

Date: August 4, 2012
Size: 278.6 KiB
Times Downloaded: 953
This adds the excludes for our updating programs and tech programs so that the virus shield will not block us.


  Image Burn
» 4.4 MiB - 8 hits - August 19, 2011
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A lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit! Used to burn or create CD's from many formats including ISO.

Remote Manage

Date: June 21, 2012
Size: 434.5 KiB
Times Downloaded: 1,187
Desktop Masters Remote Management System