These days most website developers have moved away from Java in their sites using Flash and other things instead.  Java is mostly used for on-line games.  If you are using Chrome you can easily enable and disable java on the fly without restarting your browser.  If you disable Java you will be closing a number of current, major security holes.  We need to make this clear, games like scrabble found on the Yahoo site (etc) will NOT work while Java is off.   Here is how to do it…
  1. Go to the plugin area/tab
    • In the Address bar of Google Chrome where the http://..whatever is (or just press the CTRL-L keys).  Replace all the text there with: chrome://plugins
  2. Find java and disable it.
    • You will note the word “Disable” is a link.  Simply click on it.
    • Note:  To turn it back on repeat step 1 and click “Enable”.
  3. Disable other Java tools…
    • On some computers if other Java developer kits have been installed then they too will be listed.  Simply disable those as well.