USB Powered Stereo Sound Bar Speaker (LLR012AB)

This was last updated on 05/06/2020 and the listed price was $17
This product has the following advantages/features…

  • Fits on top of most computer screens
  • Good to sit on top of Laptop Screens if your speakers are not loud enough.
  • Powered by the same USB that the computer uses to communicate with it.
  • USB so you can plug it into a USB Hub/Spliter right on your desk.
  • Does not use an analog cable.  (This means you can flip between a larger speaker system and this one easily without any wire changes)
  • Reasonably good sound for a speaker bar


  • Not VERY loud
  • No analog headphone jack
  • No built in power or volume controls (No one uses those anyway)
  • USB Cable is not VERY long so you may need a USB Extension Cable.

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