Unifi Cloud Key (UC-CK)

This is the controller  for Unifi products.. Mainly Access Points and Managed Switches.  This can also be accomplished with Java software on your computer.  We do not recommend using the Java software as Java tends to have a lot of security holes.  This “Cloud Key” will manage sit on your network and manage all your devices in background.  We can also use it to track connections and do lots of other super fancy things with it.

The Cloud Key

This is the Cloud Key it self.  If you do not have or plan to buy a PoE Switch then you also will need to purchase the power supply below.

Power Supply

This just a standard USB power supply/charger and Type-C USB adapter.  Some power supplies will not put out enough Volts.  This one does.  You only need this if you do not have a PoE (Power over Ethernet) Capable Switch.

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