Power Backup / Surge Protector (BE550G and BR1000G)

Why do you need a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

If you have frequent power outages, surges or just want to make sure your data is not lost when the power goes out you need a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).  Surge Protectors or Power Bars do not actually protect against surges.  It is more gimmick than anything else.  If you want true surge protection you need one of these…

  • APC is the best brand to get.
  • Be sure to register the device as they insure them and any damage they might do if they fail.
  • Make sure to replace the battery when it wears down (every 1 to 3 years)
  • Be sure to connect the USB cable and install the PowerChute software.
  • If you plan to plug in anything more then just your Desktop and Screen into the UPS then buy the high end UPS and NOT the standard one.

Standard Desktop UPS

Perfect if you need surge protection or get brownouts.

High End Desktop UPS

You want to purchase this for a server or if you plan to plug more than just your workstation and screen into the battery portion of the UPS.

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