Samsung Solid State Drives [870 EVO]

What is this and why do I need it?
An SSD (Or Solid State Drive) is an amazing thing!  I have put these into countless older, slower computers only to find that this drive speeds them up by 3 to 5 times.   And OMG what it can do with a faster computer!  What is an SSD?  Well your conventional hard drive (used to store your data and operating system) will have many moving parts.  There are little disks in there that have to spin.  And a head that has to move around with magnets.  One good knock and the drive is useless.  It runs hot because of the motor to spin the drive.  And the drive can only spit out data as fast as the parts can move.  A Solid State Drive has NO moving parts.  It stores its data like a thumb drive.. on VERY fast memory.  This has a number of advantages, the first being very quick read times.  Also, windows can swap its memory to the drive at very fast rates.  So as you open more programs you will not likely feel the computer slow down.

We can install the drive for you.  We can also transfer your existing operating system to the new drive.  Other then being faster and the size difference you will see no change.  If you have a Maintenance Contract there is no charge.  (We do charge if you want to rebuild the operating system, however there is a heavy discount).

Note: After clicking the below link on the page you will notice boxes to choose the size of your drive.  This will also change the price.

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