Choose one of the plans below.

If you do not know what to choose, consider the following…

To keep a computer running well and up to date, an average of 30 to 60 minutes a month in maintenance must be done in addition to a complete work-over every 6 months.

The Basic Plan

If you want to make sure your computers are kept up to date and are taken care of when there is a virus or crash choose the Basic Plan.

The Hourly Plan

If you want to make sure all your issues are covered, labor and all, get the Hourly Plan.

  • All labor on hardware (physical) repairs. (My ability to do repairs on laptops can vary)
  • Regular maintenance and monitoring of network and some applications/virus shields.
  • Security patches and upgrades of all programs.
  • Installation of all programs (Computer is locked down, you DO get a copy of the Admin password)
  • Any crashing or unintended problems with the operating system.
  • Network and network devices (Not wiring and all computers must be on contract)
  • Service calls are $100 to show up if deemed required. (95% of everything I do can be done remotely)
  • Convenience Fee of $35 for NON-emergency off/business hours calls
  • Free consulting for any issue that requires less than 5 minutes.
  • $5 per domain eMail hosting
  • 50% on Web-Hosting monthly fees of first website if 2+ computers are on contract.
  • 10% off on hourly labor.
  • $5 a month for cloud backup below 80gb and $10 a month above 80gb of data.
  • Covers everything including service calls (2 hour minimum is applied).
  • Labor hours are sold in blocks with a discount.
  • No convenience fee for calls between 7pm and Midnight
  • eMail hosting $5 mo. per domain
  • 25% on webhosting monthly fees.
  • Additional labor beyond purchased block is billed at a discounted rate based on the size of the block purchased.