The purpose of this document is to walk you through accessing the back end of our server to configure the mail accounts for your domain name that we are hosting mail. This document covers mail only. We can host your mail without hosting your website. This document is broken into several sections to answer the majority of your questions and issues.  Some of the steps have wordy sub-steps.  We do this just to make sure you are clear on what you are doing.  Do not let the wordiness put you off.


Accessing The Administrative Web Interface

  1. Go to the login page where the administrative web interface is located.
    • Note: The below sub-steps are accomplished by typing the address in the address bar where you are seeing http:// do not type this into your search box.  It is recommended that you open a new tab or browser page to do this so that you can keep these directions open.
    • This can be accomplished in a number of ways.  The easiest is to go to the “admin” sub-domain of your domain.  If your domain is “” then you would go to (This can be written in any case.  there is NO “www” in front of it.  You would actually replace “www” with “admin”.
    • If you have done this correctly you should be looking at a white page with “Administration Panel” in the title of the box.  We recommend bookmarking this page or adding it to your favorites list.
    • The Admin menu will have a menu option for the “Mail Administrator”.  This option will lead you to the “MailAdmin” sub-domain.  So to go directly to the login page you could type where “” would be replaced by your domain name.  (Using will also work)
  2. Login to the Administrative Interface.
    • Note: If you accomplished the previous step correctly you should now be looking at a page with a box titled “Mail admins login here to administer your domain“.  We recommend bookmarking this page or adding it to your favorites list.
    • When we setup your domain we code in whatever eMail address you supply with a password to access this site.  Use that eMail address now with your personal or assigned password.  If you cannot pass this page please [[contact]] Desktop Masters to resolve the matter.
  3. Go to the domain you wish to modify.
    • On the Navigation Bar click on “Virtual List”.
    • You will now see a drop down box below the Navigation Bar with a list of domains you have access to within it.  if it is not already selected choose your domain name.
    • Note: Once your domain is selected you will see two sections below the dropdown.  One with “Alias” and one with “Mailboxes”.  How to use these sections is explained below.