Below are sites we have setup and host.  Please look at each and every site.  Some sights are very different while others have similarities.  You are likely to see things you like and would like implemented into your site.  As well, this will demonstrate to you that we have a range of abilities and are not single minded.  Below that we discuss rates and other possible features.

  • Created his logo from scratch based on his description.
  • Researched and wrote custom content for him to create his City Guide pages
  • Found and setup his Real Estate module that allows him to keep a custom self propagating feed of properties
  • Custom designed his theme
  • The client wanted an enhanced “About” area so we implemented an automatic menu widget on the right that would automatically include pages as he added them to his “Testimonials” Section allowing viewers to jump between the testimonials freely.

  • Client wanted a very clean simple but professional theme.
  • Created a custom flash presentation that runs in the top of the site on the home page with audio that talks to the visitor.
  • Created a separate custom flash presentation for the header on the other pages that does not have audio and is thinner to preserve screen space for the site.
  • Implemented a 3 Tabbed advertisement widget on homepage.
  • Created a phone graphic advertisement with phone number.

  • The client wanted a low budget site with a flash presentation in the header.
  • We also created Profile Pages for their Agents.
  • Found some Mortgage Calculator plugins
  • Although you cannot see it, when their Agents login they get a special file area, shared calendar and a custom Welcome Page.

  • Reworked their logo for them to have a nice 3D feel then integrated it into the site by extending it into the Navigation bar.
  • Client was looking for an inexpensive site with a basic but unique theme.
  • Integrated a Real Estate search plugin.
  • Customized their Contact Page so that the visitor could choose who to send the message to from a handy drop down.  This allows all their Agents to be contacted from the same form.

  • Whipped up this site with the theme and logo over night.
  • We implemented the store much later.
  • Content has been supplied and modified by the client.

  • This was a whole branding package done logo and all exclusively by our main Web Developer Romulo.

  • The client wanted simple and elegant.
  • We implemented this with a number of plugins and a theme that was purchased but then enhanced by Romulo Mendivil our main Web Master.


Rates and Features

After the base $600 setup cost, look below and decide what features you believe you will want.  This will help you get a general cost range.  Once you discuss with us the features you wish, we will come up with a quote for you.


$200 – To setup the base WordPress site including  install our recommended default set of plugins with a basic theme and minor alterations.
$200 – Base Plugin Setup (Includes various plugins to make managing and enhancing your site easier, as well as various SEO and accessibility improvements)
$200 – Base theme (Skin) includes layout of site and header (Does not include logo) . Further cost to customize your sites theme (look and feel) BEYOND the implemented themes abilities or to fix a broken theme you wish us to implement that you have found.  (We include a minimal amount of tweaking of the chosen theme with the base setup)
$600 Startup


Features included with your base plugins…

  • Cross Page Linking – The ability to auto detect keywords in text that match a page name somewhere else in your site and automatically link to that page.  For example if you had a page called “Santa Monica” and you mention Santa Monica in some other page.  The words in that text will automatically cross link to the “Santa Monica” page.
  • List Sister Pages – Allows you to automatically list sister pages on the side bar menu(Pages in the same area).
  • Auto Replace Text – Auto replace text with custom links you provide.
  • Auto Convert Video – This will automatically convert video to MP4 format as you upload it so that it is more likely to be compatible with our video player.
  • Video Player – A video player that is comptible with all the current, Major Web Browsers and Smart Phones / Tablets. (Ineternet Exploer, Chrome, FireFox, IPhone, Android,  etc)
  • Hover Text – Hover over a word and a bubble pops up with custom content.
  • Automatically adds new/updated pages to the WordPress Menu if its parent page is listed on the menu.
  • Ability to index sister pages in a side widget menu.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – Makes it easier for search engines to map your site.
  • TinyMCE Advanced – Enhances the WYSIWYG (What You See And What You Get) Menu when editing pages and solves other issues like adding support for div tags.
  • Ability to list child pages automatically within a page or post.
  • Maintenance Mode – We start your site in this so that it is not published till it is viewable.  Also this is very handy if something goes wrong and you need to shut your site down quickly.
  • Enhanced SEO Controls – Allows us to control how the titles of the pages show up and meta data the search engines look for.
  • The ability to view your pages in a nice easy to read tree format.
  • Extended login times.  Normally WordPress will not keep you logged in after you close the browser.  We installed a plugin that resolves this and allows you to stay logged in for long periods of time.
  • The ability to login to your website by simply using/pressing CTRL-E
  • Permission system that allows you to give only specific logged in accounts access to pages / posts /categories and files.
  • In-Line spell checker when editing pages.
  • Ability to redirect people to a landing page when they login.


Optional features that we can implement for you (Service Contract clients will get discounts on some items)…

  • $75 – To enhance your existing company logo.
    • $200 to $1000 – To create a company logo from scratch.  (Inquire for more information)
  • $30 – Standard Contact Page/Form with customized fields that eMail you information when submitted without sharing your eMail information.
  • $40 – Setup an inline gallery to upload and dispay photos.
  • $25 – Plugin to show slideshows from a gallery in a page or a group of posts in a side widget
  • $10 – Add CAPTCHA (type these letters) to Contact Form and Site Registration to prevent most spam and people from trying to advertise through your site.
  • $30 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section with questions and answers easily added that can be separated by category.
    • If you want us to add the content for you we can do so at $5 for each Question and Answer.
  • $25 – Per page to implement and format text content you supply.
    • We will create custom content for you for a bit more.  Prices vary based on what you want us to do.
  • $30 – Create a Photo Gallery
  • $50 – Copy your current content and transfer it to a new site.  (Price may go up on larger sites)
  • $40 (Purchase) + ($250 to Customize and Setup) – Shopping Cart plugin that allows you to categorize and sell your products on line.  (Checkout Vendor not included)
  • $30 – Breadcrumbs – Adds a clickable trail of parent pages at the top so people can easily see where they are and step up to the parent pages.
  • $10 – Display Visitor Maps with location pins, city, and country. Includes a Who’s Online Sidebar to show how many users are online.
  • Facebook…
    • $100 – Create a Facebook page (not account) with information you supply. Sample:
    • $30 – Add Facebook Integration “Like This Page” button to your site.  This will advertise your page on the Facebook page of the visitor that pressed your “Like This Page” button.
    • $30 – Add Breadcrumbs (a backtrack trail) to the top of pages in tiny link text so someone can navigate to the mother pages of the page they are on. (this helps improve search engine ratings)
  • Real Estate…
    • $100 (Our Setup) + $95 (Distributor Setup Cost) + $29.95 – Real Estate Listings (MLS Search) / dsIdx – Real time MLS Listings
    • $30 – Local Neighborhood data.  Include data about the Neighborhood you are listing with the listing page.


Monthly Cost…

  • $50 – Base Hosting Fee and includes…
    • Desktop Support Service Contract Clients get a 50% Discount on the Base Hosting Fee.
    • Personal Webmaster to help you understand your site
    • Security updates and plugin enhancements as we implement new features.
    • Minimal Advertising (We go to all the list servers like Google and make sure your site is listed and scanned)
    • SEO Control, we play with your keywords and manage several plugins that allow the search sites to scan your site better and put you higher on their search lists.
    • Discounts on other advertising schemes and systems as we impliment them.
    • Help with your Facebook, Twitter and other cross platforms.
  • Advertising: +$1 – for every 100 unique visitors
    • As we work to bring you more visitors our reward is $1 for every one hundred people we bring to you.