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Advanced Technical Support Assistance

There is no problem that cannot be solved. For our service-contract clients we choose the best of the best support people. Our head support person, Merlin, has done many years of corporate-level support. He is a master problem solver. He has already come up with a solution to most, if not all, of the common problems people come across. We have many simple and free solutions for many problems even before you have them. Meaning, we use many preventative measures. We know all of the right products for you to use and we know what products you should remove as soon as possible. The technicians that we choose to interact with you will treat you very well. They will instruct you with care. They are understanding and courteous. Their main objective is to serve you within the bounds of our abilities.

The people you will be dealing with here will actually have advanced technical skills.

Spyware and Adware removal.

When we do a PC Clean, part of the process is to remove all of your Spyware and Adware.  Spyware can very easily show your browser down quite a bit.  We have a whole host of tools we use one after another to make sure your system is clean. These are not tools that will continue running on your machine slowing you down and notifying you of stuff you do not understand. When we are done we will not only have removed your PC’s inflictions but, if allowed, we will show you how to lock your PC down in order to help prevent further issues.

Website design and hosting.

For our/your Service contract clients we offer a free profile page or banner page site. If they want to go beyond that we will help you setup a full blown CMS (Content Management System) type site much like this one. We also support selling these sites to non-service contract clients as well.  Our quality is likely going to be twice as good at half the price of anyone else you can find.  As well we have advertising experts that will submit your site to the search engines and work your meta data so that your site moves up on the list.  We charge only a minimum fee of $25 a month plus $1 for each 100 unique visitors.  Our sites are all totally menu driven so that you can update them yourself or have us do it for you.  We build custom to order themes as well as have a large selection of premade generic themes to choose from.

EMail hosting and support

Having reliable eMail services is very important.

For our clients… We run our own EMail server (with some spam filters) that can handle sending and receiving eMail of large sizes. With these eMail services we support IMAP/POP3 on normal ports and odd ports (for those ISP’s that block ports). We also have a very robust webmail interface to retrieve that mail if need be. We have a simple web interface to control the eMail addresses, passwords, ect.  We believe that our clients should not have to spend much time dealing with EMail issues.  We understand that without EMail a lot of our clients would literally fail.  So we put a very high precedent on making sure our EMail servers stay on line and are reliable.  As well we remote our clients and configure their computers to use the mail services for them.  Our Mail servers also support Smart Phones and Tablets.

Optimization and Core Setup of your PC.

We install a very long list of tools and applications into your PC to address your needs before you even know you have them. For example, if you do not have Power Point installed, we will install a viewer so when you get that Power Point presentation in eMail you will be able to simply double-click on it and watch it. If your needs are convert a file into a PDF or create a PDF (Acrobat Reader Document) we install a tool that allows you to turn almost any document into a PDF file. What we enjoy most is turning your PC into a Masterpiece.

Cost: $200 Service Contract: $50 (with 1 year contract)

Chat Server With Chat Support right from your desktop

We have our very own private chat server. We can install an icon on your desktop that will allow you to interact with our top technicians when they are available simply by clicking on the “Get Support” icon.  This can come in handy if you need help with your computer and cannot get off the phone with your own clients but still wish to reach out to us for help.

For example: It is 2:30am in the morning and you are just finishing up a project that is due the next day. Suddenly Excel will not copy and paste and you do not know why. You know it is likely too late to call for help and not really an emergency but you know you will seleep better if it is fixed, so you click the chat support icon on your desktop only to find that there is a technician who is working late and waiting to solve your problems. (Scenario based on a true situation that resulted in total customer satisfaction)

Shared Screen and Keyboard Access

Our remote access tool will allow us to share your screen and keyboard as if we are sitting with you.  This allows us to instantly solve many of your issues with no service calls as well as tutor you through learning how to do new things like resizing photos etc…   This also has the added benefit of allowing you to see everything we do when working on your computer.  The same tools we use to work on your computer remotely can be used by you to work from home.  Or allow your employees to work from home as well.  If you would like to remote control any of your computers we will not only set that up for you but we will teach you how to use it very quickly.

Our remote control tools use encryption and do not allow direct outside access to your computer…  This means that the only way to your computer is through us.  Unlike other support teams that use LogMeIn or TeamViwer, Our remote system is completely housed in-house and runs on a secured server dedicated to this task.  We regularly rotate our strong passwords for added security.  If you lock your console and share your password with us, that is saved in an encrypted password safe that is OUTSIDE our system.  Our remote software does allow us to access your computer at any time.  We do not access computers without prior permission of the user/client.  If you desire further security we can show you how to lock your console and set it to auto-lock.  Additionally you can shut down our remote software at any time by right clicking on the “DM” icon, that is always visible, and choosing “exit”.  For extra sensitive clients we can leave our remote software off-line until the client runs/enables it through an icon on their desktop.  This means it is always off until the client chooses otherwise.

When we connect the client  is signaled in a number of ways…
A popup from the DM icon in the system tray…
A persistent green dot in the “DM” icon in the tray shows someone is connected….
A banner across the top of the screen..

Automated Off-Site Backup Solutions.

Backing up is VERY important. 70% of all businesses that do not have a current backup will fail in the event of a total loss of data. Our worst fear is that you might suffer theft, fire, or flood. If you were to encounter this, you would not only lose your data, but you would also lose your local daily backup data. In this case it is VITAL that you have your data backed up Off-Site somewhere. We have some simple processes that will automatically locally encrypt and backup your data and then transfer it to a secure remote server. For many of our clients who have less then 5gb of data the backup system is totally free.  Beyond that it cost an additional $5 a month or $50 a year.  We help you get this setup as part of our core setup process.

Automated Digital Invoicing.

We automatically invoice our clients digitally through a printable acrobat document (PDF) that arrives in your eMail every month.  You can pay us on line through PayPal or by mailing in a check.  We also assist our clients in using this same system for invoicing their clients if they so choose.

HowTos / Tutorials / Help

We are compiling a list of step by step How-To’s or Tutorials.  They are geared toward making it easy and quick for you to get through whatever you are trying to get through at the moment.  Whether it be resizing a photo or setting up a mailing list.  We are also going to supply video tutorials to our clients soon too.  Our How-To’s are created following a clear and simple standard.  Each step tells you what we are about to accomplish and then explains how to go about doing that step.  Of course, we are more then happy to share your screen and walk you through it in person.  As part of our service contracts we will answer any question at no additional cost for the first 15 minutes.