As you read our below description you will discover that we offer the complete package done by hand by a professional. We do not believe in wiping computers and will avoid doing so at all costs. We are so thorough that we are willing to spend days working on a computer to make sure it is totally clean and running proper. We are able to accomplish 95% of our work remotely using an array of remote control tools through the Internets. This means that you will not have to drive your computer anywhere, we can work on it right where it is.
Most of the time we have found that just trying to remove a single virus is not enough. A full clean is much more effective. After all, you have that virus for a reason. So we start by looking for those hidden Root-Kit viruses that run on a drivers level. Root-Kit viruses are so crafty most virus scanners cannot spot them. Then we look for the standard good old fashion viruses and trojans. After that we look for Ad-ware and Spy-ware. Once we are sure your computer is clear of all intrusions we then begin the repair process. We do things like verify that any damage the virus has done is undone. Many viruses will change security settings on your computer so that you cannot use your task manager or change your wallpaper. As well they may corrupt system files. We will go through and verify all your system files are in order. We will go through your start-up and make sure nothing bad was left there and that your computer starts cleanly and quickly. Once we have done all this we will then optionally (no additional cost) will setup a solid free virus shield on your machine. Some Virus Shields are very good at blocking a lot of various viruses. But none can block them all. And many Root-Kit viruses can slide right past all Virus Shields. So we have developed techniques to harden your computer and making it much harder for these Root-Kit viruses to attach to your computer. We can optionally tweak and harden your computer for you so that you will not find yourself infected 2 weeks later (No additional cost to service contract clients).
The below fees do not affect service contract clients as virus removal and hardening are included with the contract at no additional cost.
$140 - Virus Removal and some repair (Discounts may be applied)
$80 - Optimize Computer
$40 - Harden Computer
$35 - System Restore